Susan Swimmer works in New York as a fashion editor while also appearing regularly as a fashion commentator on such television shows as “Today Show”, “Live From the Couch” and “Entertainment Tonight”. We love Susan because she helps ‘real’ women every day find their fashion voice and confidence. Here, 5 questions with this fashion expert Woman We Love:

How has your style evolved over the years since you started as a fashion editor and when you became a mom?

Merging my fashion editor life with my mom life hasn’t always been easy, and for sure there have been a few blunders (showing up to a parent-teacher conference after a photo shoot, wearing a Dolce & Gabanna mini dress comes to mind). I used to wear more skirts and dresses with super high heels, but that’s hard to pull off when I’m going from a work event to shuttling a gaggle of kids home from a sports practice. I also need to get dressed quickly in the morning so I like to pack my closet with separates that can be worn in a million different ways. I have a uniform of sorts: I wear lots of skinny pants (all colors, all fabrics, including leather, prints and brocade) which I pair with ribbed sweaters or blouses topped with shrunken blazers. I still love heels, but I’m rarely in anything over 3 inches for day-to-day. I’m still intrepid when it comes to mixing prints and playing with layers, and when in doubt I wear all black and add a collection of colorful beaded necklaces or an armload of bracelets.

What are some trends you love/loathe this season?

Fall trends I love: Menswear, longer skirt lengths (mid-calf), leather accents, cobalt blue. I’ve also embraced the beauty trend of cutting my hair to a chin- length bob and I love it. Fall trend I hate: The bare midriff! It may work for Miley

What are your trips for dressing up denim no matter the occasion?

Top with a slouchy off-the-shoulder sweater (whisper-weight cashmere, or better yet something with metallic thread) and add a statement shoe—think color, embellishment, or both—and a clutch…or go for loads of fun jewelry. There are so many denim choices these days—saturated colors, subtle prints and coated varieties are fantastic for a night out. In my opinion, every gal needs a deep denim collection.

What are the top 5 basics that every woman should have in her wardrobe?

Yikes, you’re asking a fashion editor to name only five essentials in a wardrobe? OK, here it goes, in no particular order of preference: A good bra (that fits and lifts), a shrunken black blazer (leather or wool gaberdine or better yet one that combines mixed materials), a piece of statement jewelry (like a big, honking cuff), a perfect fitting pair of jeans, and a bootie to wear with everything in your wardrobe (as high as you can go without causing pain). Also something leather (a skirt or a dress, faux leather if you prefer) and one really good handbag. I know that’s seven items and not five, but I’m known for my fashion sense and not my math skills.

What’s the one item you can’t live without?

That’s easy. My full-length mirror, because it tells me the cold, hard truth no matter what.