A good waist is a terrible thing to waste...that's why we've teamed up with P.S. – I Made This… to show just how easy it is to take your denim to new, sparkling heights with this crystal bow belt.

This fun embellishment's on again, off again flexibility means your favorite pair of jeans can go from the farmer's market to a fancy fête and back without blinking an eye!

To create, follow these easy steps:
1. Measure the crystal trim to your waist size and cut with wire cutters.
2. Thread a piece (approximately 12-inches) of grosgrain ribbon through one end of the crystal trim and fold over, leaving 2-inches.
3. With a needle and thread, sew the folded end of the ribbon to affix it to the crystal trim.
4. Repeat to the other side of the crystal trim.
5. Seal in the edges of the ribbon with a dab of glue and let dry completely.
6. Clean up ribbon edges with scissors.
7. Thread your finished belt through your favorite pair of jeans and tie a bow to finish off.