For the month of May, NYDJ is celebrating mothers & maternal figures. They are true Originals who inspire, love and support. Whether you are a mother or have a strong maternal figure in your life, you know that these women always know best. We’ve compiled great advice from bloggers’ moms on style, life and the tips they themselves will pass on to children of their own.

Mom's Tips on Style

Fit comes first! It doesn't matter how "on trend" a piece is... if it doesn't fall the right way on your body then you shouldn't buy it. I've lived by those words ever since. – Vera Sweeney, Lady and the Blog

Good posture makes every outfit look better! – Camille Styles, Camille Styles

Always wait until it goes on sale. It always goes on sale. – Vanessa Veltre

My mom always taught me to style myself to look and feel amazing and then don't worry about it for the rest of the day. She doesn't care much about fashion but she always looks put together with perfectly painted nails (have never in my life seen her without a manicure!). Her tip taught me to be confident in my decisions and not self conscious throughout the day. – Julia Dzafic, Lemon Stripes

The best advice my mother gave me was "pretty is as pretty does". She reminded me that no matter how pretty you are, your actions are what truly make you beautiful. And my grandmother always reminds me to "be classy", which I always keep in my with my fashion choices. – Amberly D’Anna, A Slice of Glam

Create a wardrobe by focusing on quality over quantity. A classic well-made piece can last a lifetime. – Katie Rodgers, Paper Fashion

When it comes to style tips and advice, my mom always says “Darling, it’s better to look good than to feel good!” – Devyn Jorgensen

My mom’s number one style tip: Build your closet on the classics, but leave space for the timely, fun pieces. – Megan Brown

Keep it simple. I have always had a passion for fashion and my mom will tell you that. But what I learned early on was the art of keeping it simple. My mom is not one for over-the-top style, bold prints or colors. She's always kept it simple and classic which is one of my style mottos. However, it's also where I learned to take the classics and put a spin on things! I might wear those
classic, tailored ankle pants, but I do them in a fun color. And with a leopard loafer. – Katilyn Kirby, Mini Magazine

My mom always taught me to add an extra piece of jewelry to make a statement – can never have enough! – Abigail White

“Take at least ten minutes in the morning to style your hair.” – Naomi Schoenfeld

Mom's Tips on Life

If you're going to do something, do it the best you possibly can. – Katie Rodgers, Paper Fashion

Stop caring so much about what other people think of you. When she used to tell me this in High School, I was mortified that she really and truly didn't care what anyone thought. Now I think it's beyond amazing and I strive to follow that advice every single day! – Julia Dzafic, Lemon Stripes

My mom has always shown by example, which is often more powerful than words could ever be. One of her qualities that I most hope to emulate is the special, unfocused attention she gives each person in her presence. She always listens without interruption, and even when I’m telling a story that’s probably way too long, she always makes it seem like the most fascinating story in the world. – Camille Styles, Camille Styles

My mom always tells me that accumulating things in life is not important. It is the people you choose to share your life & your experiences with that make you rich. – Megan Brown

Always be a good, kind-hearted person with good intentions but never settle or let anyone walk all over you. – Vanessa Veltre

My mom always taught me to be true to myself and stand up for what is right. – Abigail White

Tips to Pass On

My daughter is only 20 months, but one of the biggest things I hope to teach her is to love herself just as she is. When someone is comfortable in her own skin and not wishing to be anyone else, she is free to express her uniqueness and has the ability to give so much to the world. – Camille Styles, Camille Styles

Follow your passion. – Katie Rodgers, Paper Fashion

Be present. In this day and age, kids are always on iPhones, iPads, playing video games, watching TV, and on social media. Face to face connection is so important for relationships, career, and life in general. When I have kids, there will definitely be limits on technology! – Julia Dzafic, Lemon Stripes

Good things don’t come to those who wait – it goes to those who work hard and take smart risks! – Naomi Schoenfeld

You only get one mother. Cherish her. – Vanessa Veltre