The iconic model and talented photographer is the first face of the NYDJ brand. We love Helena because she is a woman of substance who embodies the confidence and beauty we try to inspire at NYDJ. Here, 5 questions with this Woman We Love:

You are renowned for your modeling experience, but when and how were you inspired to take up photography?

I started taking photographs as an 18 year-old hitch-hiking around the world. When I started modeling a year later, it was the perfect opportunity for me to keep taking photos at all the locations I visited on my work trips.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am most proud of being a mother, which was also the scariest thing I have done, because it's such a mind-blowing experience to do and such a huge responsibility. But it is the most important and beautiful accomplishment I have ever done.

Who are the women you admire and look up to in your life?

I look up to my mother and grandmother. They are strong, emotional women and they have shown me how to live my life passionately. I also admire so many other women, who are inspiring to me, women, who make a difference, who stand out, who show courage, who love strongly.

What was your favorite part of shooting this campaign with NYDJ?

Feeling like I was part of a very close, caring family team.

How did you prepare for the photo shoot? What was your beauty/fitness routine?

I left it up to the pants to make me look great! Well, you could almost get away with that, but I also box regularly and sprint a few times a week. My beauty routine mostly consists of good sleep, great food and lots of moisturizing.