NYDJ's denim designer has her finger on the pulse of fashion and is always thinking about what our customer wants. We love Deanna because she's humble about being super-talented and approaches her role as a busy working mom with a sense of humor and a sunny disposition. Here, 5 questions with this Woman We Love:

What inspired you for the fall season at NYDJ?

Fall is my favorite season of the year, so I am always anxious to start this season. I was inspired by the beautiful, rich, berry and plum colors to the deepest greens, as well as, the opulence and luxury in fabrics and trims with baroque continuing to trend. One of my favorite fabrics is a beautiful indigo jacquard offered in our straight fit. It is a great alternative from my solid denim but still has an indigo color and can be worn as a dressier look. For a stand out piece, I will wear the boot fit in a metallic coated gold or bronze with a slight subtle shimmer. I also loved the moto trend that has a mix of strong and sexy in the skinny fit with great seam details. I will finish the look with one of our new modern NYDJ blouses for a date night with my husband!

What do you think about when designing for the NYDJ customer?

Each season, I want to provide a perfect mix of super soft fabrics, a comfortable fit and the perfect balance of fashion. We determine our fashion; it is not identified by our age, but our individual needs and lifestyles. Some women's fashion is classic styles with minimal details. Others want a touch of trend in either color or a new denim wash, while others want to be on the edge of fashion wearing either a moto jean or ripped and repaired boyfriend jean. I balance each season so we offering something for every woman's style. In short, I love designing something for all of you!

How do you identify the season's key trends and come up with what's new and now?

I start the season by analyzing the designer runways, extracting what I believe is right for our customer and what I love personally. I look through magazines in all countries and also utilize our online trend services that forecast all over the world. From there, I start selecting colors, non denim fabrics that offer the perfect amount of stretch, wearable flattering prints and special new washes to update our denim. I also observe people a lot when I am out, what are they wearing, what is their age. It is interesting because I start to identify what we call key items, a jean style or look that many women are wearing. This season I women of all ages were wearing the boyfriend jean with a tiny roll cuff but it looked different on everyone because we all personalize our look. We make our fashion every morning when we select a pair of jeans, favorite shoe or accent with an accessory. These selections are personal and unique to "you" and become your fashion!

How will you be styling your NYDJs this fall?

We have a beautiful moto knit jacket with leather trim that will be a great update to all my NYDJ denim jeans. Nothing feels better on a cool autumn day than one of our new NYDJ chunky sweaters with my colored denim skinny jean tucked into a pair of high boots.

If you went into another profession, what would you be doing?

Early in my life I wanted to work with children with disabilities. I explored this field but felt I did not I inherently possess the special skills needed. I wish I had pursued other similar related fields where I would have been able to make a difference with children who have either differences or are less privileged. I attend charities related to these areas but I would still like to be more involved personally. Maybe I will have a future career when I retire.