A firm believer that entertaining should be all about fun, Camille Styles scours the streets of her favorite cities for the most delicious, innovative and chic finds to share on her lifestyle blog camillestyles.com. When not styling a photo shoot, testing new recipes or cuddling her baby girl Phoebe, Camille is bringing creativity, inspiration and stress-free style to our readers around the globe. More about this Woman We Love:

How did Camille Styles get started?

I used to own an event planning company, and I started my blog as a creative outlet - a place to really dive into the trends, color palettes, entertaining and design concepts that I was really passionate about. Over time, I started growing a readership, and after a couple of years I decided to make the blog my company's entire focus. I am so thankful to get to wake up every day doing what I really love - always challenged creatively and looking for ways to make the site better and more addictive for our readers.

How big of an influence does the Austin culture have in your blog?

I definitely embrace the casual, cool-without-trying-too-hard that Austinites love. Entertaining is more about having fun than impressing your guests; getting dressed is about expressing your individuality.

When did you get your first pair of NYDJ denim and what was that moment like?

They arrived in the mail and I loved them! I'm a sucker for white jeans, and my favorite cropped pair fits like a glove.

What fall pieces can you not live without?

A great pair of skinny jeans of course, pointy-toe pumps, silk button-downs, a statement necklace and this year I'm dying for a flared miniskirt.

What is your favorite fall vegetable? Do you have a fun recipe that goes with it?

I love everything pumpkin, and this year I see lots of my friend Mimi's Pumpkin Gnocchi in my future. ;)