Mom, writer, businesswoman, and digital correspondent for major brands, Sarah Evans’ personal mission is to use new technology to connect her with the more than 120,000 people who look to her for the latest-and-greatest news in the digital space. We love Sarah because she’s a plugged in professional who “does it all” with effortless, Original style.

1. You do it all - mom, digital correspondent, blogger, consultant, volunteer and more, all while building your brand as a new media pro. How do you balance everything?

I haven’t yet found the perfect balance. Let me be honest about that. It’s a constant push and pull between work, home, friends, travel and trying to find a few quality moments for myself. I think every mom (and dad) can relate to the realization that they may never get a full night’s rest or go to the bathroom alone…ever again. But, seriously, one of the biggest changes I made this past year was practicing hot yoga (and Pilates). I never thought I’d be able to squeeze it into my schedule, actually relax and still get dinner on the table. While there are still some days I don’t make it to my mat, it’s helped me to become more disciplined and was a missing link in the “balance” conundrum. Even if it seems like I “do it all,” I’m really just hyperfocused on a few, very specific things I believe I can be the very best at in the world.

2. How would you describe your self-coined style “Geek Chic?”

That’s an easy one! I just pair a blazer and glasses with almost every look. I jest, but it’s come down to embracing my inner nerd (and the fact I’ve worn glasses since second grade) and enjoy the fact that I love personal style. I used to think that I could only be either “geek” or “chic” and often when I tried to emulate what I thought was sophisticated, I didn’t feel like me. Over the years, I simply stopped worrying about what everyone else thought about my fashion sense and realized that I have my own, unique style. This includes a lot of black, white and gray with, of course, blazers and my current passion, crepe capes, along with eclectic accessories and shoes. Of course, I’m usually rocking dramatically oversized glasses in either black or tortoise shell.

3. What are the fashion and beauty staples a woman on the go like you must always pack when traveling for business?

The art of packing for travel has become one of my favorite challenges. I used to keep a list of my staples, but it’s now become muscle memory. The must-have pieces that line my suitcase first, include:

• 1 pair of jeans (or leggings)

• Black leather pants (or vegan leather)

• Gray skinny pants

• 1 dress (semi-formal)

• 2-3 jackets or blazers (black, red, white)

• 2 t-shirts (black, gray)

• Black sheer blouse

• White collared shirt

• Black, white and nude slimming tank tops

• Hat

• 2 pairs of shoes or boots (whatever I’m feeling at the time)

• 2 pairs of earrings (1 hoop, 1 stud)

• 1-2 necklaces (or scarf, tie)

I can mix and match everything on this list and create several, different looks. It also allows me to add in pops of color with different shoes and accessories.

4. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Becoming a mom. Hands down, it is the biggest, and most rewarding, experience my husband and I have ever had. Our little guy has challenged us, daily, reflect on our behaviors and ensure we are the kind of people we want him to model. It’s an accomplishment that changes with each passing year and new milestone. What are some of your top tips for translating summer style into professional style? Living in Vegas, we live through a lot of hot. My born-and-raised Midwestern husband and I jokingly call it our “hot winter.” I’m all about layers. One thing I’ve learned living in Vegas is to never overcompensate for the heat. The hotter it is outside, the colder it is in most indoor locations. I typically plan my outfits to include a blazer or sweater. A few of my go to summer professional looks include:

• High-waist shorts, collared shirt (tucked in), long sweater or blazer, wedge shoes

• Ankle length trousers, graphic t-shirt, crepe cape, ankle boots

• High-waist pants, tank top, scarf, sandals